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here are two partial works in progress.  Check them out and let me know if you want to read more!

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A new universe

The cutting edge of fiction

 The Other Side is a heartfelt rendering that represents a universe of tales of myths, angels, devils and heroes.  It is at its very heart a story of redemption, love and the enduring strength of  family.

  It exists along a timeline which leads into the events of the Black Order trilogy.  The characters of these dark tales are fearlessly fighting ancient and omnipotent evil which relentlessly stalks mankind from beyond the edges of the known universe.

  In another dark tale the Cranes join forces to investigate cryptic and arcane occurrences as they try to ascertain the whereabouts of their abducted daughter.

  As a new author I am eager to introduce my readers to a magnificent and sometimes dark world of boundless imagination and limitless hope.